All In 1 Cranes

Manufacturing and Crane Installations




We specialize in service and repairs on all makes of Electrical Overhead Cranes, Electrical Chain Hoists , Electrical Rope Hoists and Mechanical Chain Blocks and Lever Blocks and the supply of all Slings ( Nylon, Chain Slings and Steel Wire Ropes)    24 / 7

Specialists In:

  •   Overhead Crane maintenance & repairs to all makes of  Overhead Cranes.
  • Service and Load Testing on all Lifting Equipment.
  • Repair, erection, modification & refurbishment of electric Overhead Travelling Cranes, Electric Rope Hoists and Chain Hoists and all Types of Lifting Equipment and all Lifting Attachedments.
  • Fabrication Facilities for Overhead Cranes, Single / Double Girder, Jib Cranes and Design and Manufacture of Spreader Beams and Lifting Attachedments and Decoyers for Steel Companies.
  • All Service personnel is qualified, and Load testing Personnel registered as LMI’s.
  • We do have Personnel on 24/ 7 Hrs  Standby for Breakdown Service.




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